What the World Needs Now…

What the World Needs Now…

What The World Needs Now…

Probably not another recipe web site and for certain not another pie web site. So why the site?

I built the first iteration of this site about 15 years ago. It was constructed for several reasons. First, I wanted to build from scratch a web site using the technology that at that time I was managing in my real world job. I have always found technology and particularly coding fascinating.

The second goal was to see if I could generate a discussion or even a debate around the topic of pie crust. There are a gazillion recipe sites already out there in internet land, with many of them being quite spectacular. The world really does not need another recipe web site. So I decided to create a recipe site with content narrowly focused on subject of pie and pie crust with the goal of engaging people who have never baked a pie crust in their life, thinking that it was just to hard, and those who believe they are experts, giving them an opportunity to point out the error of my thinking on the subject. For the first group, I believe they are the poorer for not having tried to make a pie and I want to encourage them to at least give it a whirl once in their lifetime. For those that know everything about making that perfect crust and pie, hopefully they can help me learn a thing or two.

Finally there is the more wacko goal of trying to translate all this into “a way of life”. For those that have no knowledge of the book “Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, you are going to struggle with this concept. Trying to find the perfect pie crust is really just a way of thinking that focuses on trying to move toward something that is beyond ourselves. Never reaching, but always continuing toward and searching for pie crust perfection properly puts things into perspective for me as to where I truly stand in the bigger picture of life.

So there you have it. I have created a web site and a path toward the true meaning of life, all in one web project.

For a good part of the past 15 years, the Upper Krust web site has been off-line and in a remodeling mode. Due to other life demands, I was not able to update the site. Now in retirement, I have no excuse and am issuing the first release. I feel just as strongly now about the goals of the site as I did when I first started.  I hope that you find it instructive, entertaining, and that you will enter with me into the wonderful world and experience of baking pie.

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