Tools Of The Trade

Basic Tools For Pie Baking

Nothing fancy is needed. However, there are some basic tools that will make the pie making process more enjoyable.  These are the tools that I use and highly recommend purchasing.

Mixing Bowls

You can’t beat good old Pyrex bowls to do the job. They are exactly the right size and last forever. You can purchase here.

Measuring Spoons

So what would be the big deal about measuring spoons? True, but I really like these. The magnet on each spoon allows you to stack the spoons and keep them altogether.  How often have you searched in your already cluttered drawer for the 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon. Case closed.

Measuring Cups

Just like measuring spoons, perhaps not a big deal, but I do like these. They stack nicely and have a nice feel to them when used.

Pastry Cutter

I find a pastry cutter essential. Recipes say use your fingers or two knives. Never have really seen that work well.  Perhaps you are more facile than me. I am not tied to any one brand, but here is an example of the what I think is the right design.

Bench Scraper

A multi-use tool. Helps to loosen rolled-out crust off of counter and great for helping to cleanup counter.  You can find them here.

Rolling Pin

There are all shapes and sizes of rolling pins but I prefer a maple rolling pin with handles that utilizes ball bearings to enhance the rolling action. Hard oak is also a good wood alternative. Additionally, I like a pin that has some weight to it. Choose what you are most comfortable with in terms of ease of handling.

Pie Plate

Once again Pyrex comes though with the nine inch pie plate that has been around since the beginning of time. Don’t get caught up in fancy handles, etc.  This is the one to get.

Pie Crust Shield

If you oven is like mine, you will always burn the edge of your crust before the pie is finished baking. The pie crust shield will save you every time. Yes, you can DIY and make one out of foil, but the few bucks that you spend on the Talisman Pie Shield is well worth the money.