One Way

One Way

With a multitude of streaming and on-line sources for baking information, it can be confusing or even frustrating to decide what is the best way to ….. Looking at Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, the web, or whatever streaming source you follow, you can dig yourself into a hole pretty quickly trying to determine the best all-butter pie crust recipe, the best way to par bake your crust, the best pie plate for baking your pie.

So how do you decide what is best …..?  I suggest that you start with the thought that there is NO ONE WAY. All the ideas presented, whether it is a recipe or a technique, are given from the perspective of the author’s personal experiences and the results of those experiences. These personal experiences are just that, personal, which makes the information personal. While it does not take anything away from the information that is being presented, it does mean that it is given through the filter of their individual tastes and styles of baking.

So what is the best way to make use of all the information out there. After reading on-line blogs or looking at Instagram posts by content authors that I trust and find interesting, I file away the information as a suggestion or an option, not as THE WAY. Taking this approach makes baking less of a rote process and instead gives you permission to quickly adjust to the situation at hand.

Let me give you an example. When watching videos of putting together a pie crust, I am always amazed at how perfectly it all comes together, particularly at the point where the moistened dough is folded together in preparation for rolling it out.  I have never experienced following exact recipe measurements for fat and liquid to produce guaranteed satisfactory results every time. Many times when I have used exact suggested recipe measurements of flour sugar, salt, fat and liquid , the resultant dough mixture immediately falls apart when attempting to roll it out. I have found that your perfect crust happens when you have developed both a visual and tactile feel for what produces a perfect crust.

The art of baking is just like any other art. The fundamentals may not be all that variable, but as you put the recipe together you need to adjust measurements according to what you are experiencing at the moment and be ready to adapt to the present situation.

This may sound like an unguided and random approach to baking. But in reality, it gives you freedom to explore and grow as a baker and allows you to bake, YOUR WAY.

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