Creating The Pie Shell

You put together your pie crust dough, chilled it, and are ready to create the pie crust shell. This requires rolling out the dough, getting it into the pie plate and fluting or crimping the edge. All of this is a bit easier said than done. Here are a series of videos that will demonstrate how you can successfully create a perfect pie crust shell.

Rolling Out The Shell

The first step in creating the pie crust shell is to roll out the dough. In this step, it is important to ensure that the crust is not sticking to the counter top.

Placing The Dough In The Plate Option 1

Getting the rolled-out dough into the pie plate can be tricky. This demonstration shows you how to use your rolling pin to move the dough from the countertop to the pie plate.

Placing The Dough In The Plate Option 2

This method of placing the dough in the plate uses a folding technique. An easy technique that perfectly places your rolled-out dough in the pie plate.

Placing The Dough In The Plate Using Wax Paper Option 3

This is the technique that I used at the beginning of my pie baking experiences. This technique creates a less sticky rolling surface as well as a way to easily get your rolled-out crust into the plate.

Finishing the pie crust shell

You have successfully gotten the pie crust dough into the pie plate. Now it is time finish the pie crust shell off with an attractive fluted edge. See how it’s done.