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I grew up with pie. It was always present in our home. I never thought about how much I enjoyed eating pie until I left for college. It was at that point that I discovered two life changing things. First, a good pie would not always be readily available, and secondly, not everyone could bake a pie like my mother. I thought that baking a great pie was a pretty common skill. Those two discoveries led me to the conclusion that I needed to take charge of the situation and learn to bake pies for myself. And so the journey started with help and expert advice from my mother.

While I have been interested for many years in the art of baking in general and baking pie specifically, I am an amateur baker at best with no culinary pedigree. The Upperkrust is just a compendium of my self-taught experiences and is offered to you in the spirit of shared experiences and good fun. I hope you will find the information useful. If you are already experienced in making pies, I look forward to your comments. If you are still buying pies from the bakery and pie crusts from the frozen food section of the grocery store, I hope this site will encourage you to enter into the world of baking and eating pie.

Deloss Schertz
The Pie Guy

Deloss Schertz